Monday, August 22, 2011

Short Bio

Peter Ciccariello works at the interstices of creative media, where process overlaps and defines form and form becomes the carrier for the birth and evolution of ideas. Inter-disciplinary and cross-genre, Ciccariello is an artist, poet, and photographer working with metaphor and allegorical memes. His work is concerned with the dynamics of language and text in 3-D digital environments.

Ciccariello’s work is process based with a focus on the reinterpretation of a variety of classical artist approaches and multiple creative disciplines. His creative method draws from Postmodern ideas about fragmentation, serendipity, and truth as a contrived illusion.  His work is a pastiche of visual elements and sometimes language, imported into 3-D digital environments where the resultant images are choreographed as a theater piece utilizing theatrical lighting, staging and object characterization. Realized and instantiated as original limited edition prints, Ciccariello’s work utilizes progressive technology and classic process approaches that exploit the interplay between the virtual and the real.

- Peter Ciccariello

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