Monday, August 22, 2011

Artist Statement

In “Nude, after Duchamp IV”, we visualize the nude now avatar drifting through the nothingness of the universe, fragmented, deconstructed and reduced to simple geometric forms. Not unlike grasping for identity, or fumbling for acknowledgement of form, figure at times expresses its own primary identify, sometimes in magical and unexpected ways.

This Photo Collage-based 3-D modeled digital matrix print is a multi-disciplinary, cross genre visual/poetic object that is modeled in a 3-d virtual environment and texture mapped using real-world photographs and scans. This work is part of an ongoing, serial experiment with the interstices of the poetic made visible in the imagistic world, at all times remaining aware of the digital tache of visual perception, (Tache  - "spot" or "blot" in French.)

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